Diverse projects in kenya, uganda & the netherlands


Street Children's Home Kenya

Providing support, shelter, and opportunities for growth to children living on the streets in Kenya, empowering them to build brighter futures.

Street Children's Home Uganda

Providing support, shelter, and opportunities for growth to children living on the streets in Uganda, empowering them to build brighter futures.

Beats of Hope Africa Foundation

Dedicated to empowering East Africa’s marginalized youth through empowerment, nurturing, music, cultural exchange, talent cultivation, and educational support.

Africa Safari Festival

Organizing vibrant events and celebrations that showcase African culture, music, and art, fostering community engagement and cultural appreciation.

Talent Centre

Nurturing the creative potential and abilities of children in Africa, empowering them to explore and develop their talents to their fullest extent.

Record Label

A record label created as a platform to support African musicians in local grassroots communities, giving them access to a global stage

Street Children's Home Kenya

Beats of Hope Children’s Home, also known as Wana Wa Mola, offers sanctuary to street children in Mombasa, Kenya, providing them with a transformative alternative and instilling hope for a brighter future. Established in 2010 through the vision of one individual and supported by numerous generous partners, the home has become a haven for over 50-100 children, nurturing them into responsible individuals. Here, they are not just cared for, but embraced as family by founder Daniel and the dedicated team. Alongside essential provisions such as food and education, the home also houses the Beats of Hope Talent Center, where children are encouraged to explore their talents in various artistic fields including dance, music, acrobatics, and more. This platform not only fosters self-expression but also lays the foundation for their future success.

Street Children's Home Uganda

Providing support, shelter, and opportunities for growth to children living on the streets in Uganda, empowering them to build brighter futures.

Beats of Hope Africa Foundation

Beats of Hope Africa Foundation is a beacon of hope and catalyst for change, dedicated to uplifting East Africa’s marginalized youth. Through a multifaceted approach encompassing music, cultural exchange, talent cultivation, and educational support, we empower communities and individuals to realize their full potential. From providing sanctuary to street children and fostering their artistic talents to organizing vibrant festivals that celebrate African culture on a global stage, we strive to create a world where compassion, creativity, and community flourish. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to fostering sustainable change and nurturing dreams, one life at a time.

Africa Safari Festival

Africa Safari Festival is a vibrant celebration of African music, culture, and community, held in The Utrecht, The Netherlands. This immersive event brings together people from diverse backgrounds to experience the authentic rhythms and rich heritage of Africa. From soulful melodies to energetic performances, the festival showcases the raw talent and vibrant spirit of African artists, captivating audiences and fostering cross-cultural connections. With its dynamic lineup of performances, interactive workshops, and cultural showcases, Africa Safari Festival offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of African culture firsthand.

Talent Center

Beats of Hope Talent Center in Mombasa, Kenya is a nurturing ground for youth and the community to explore their creative passions in music, singing, instruments, dance, acrobatics, acting, football, and performance arts. This initiative emerged from Founder Daniel’s realization of the challenges African creatives face in entering the industry, often hindered by financial barriers. The Talent Center provides mentorship, training, and economic opportunities to local talent, including the children of Beats of Hope Children’s Home. Equipped with a full-fledged music studio, the Center offers a platform for recording music and albums, with the added support of Daniel’s Record Label, facilitating global exposure for African artists. Moreover, Beats of Hope boasts a professional football team, aspiring to elevate its reach to international acclaim, akin to other successful Kenyan footballers.

Record Label

The Beats of Hope Record Label is a pioneering platform amplifying the voices of African artists on a global stage. Founded by Daniel, it serves as a catalyst for emerging talents from Africa, providing them with the resources and support needed to showcase their creativity and reach wider audiences. With a commitment to authenticity and innovation, the label not only produces high-quality music but also fosters a vibrant community of musicians, producers, and creatives. Through strategic partnerships and distribution channels, the Beats of Hope Record Label is dedicated to elevating African music to new heights, celebrating diversity, and inspiring cultural exchange worldwide.


Model Agriculture Village

We’ve established a model agriculture village in the Teso Region of Uganda, aligned with the Millennium Development Goals, in collaboration with Matunda Hub. Our focus is on empowering local youth to build successful agri-businesses through mentorship and incubation. Through capacity building in entrepreneurship, business coaching, and mentorship, we aim to create a supportive ecosystem that facilitates networking, collaborations, and growth for agriculture entrepreneurs. Our vision is to see every young person in Uganda gain employment or self-employment opportunities through these projects. If you’re interested in volunteering, interning, or spending a meaningful gap year working with us to achieve our goals in Uganda, get in touch. Join us in traveling with purpose!

Akogo House

The Beats of Hope Backpackers, also known as Akogo House, serves as a unique social enterprise aimed at supporting the funding of the Beats of Hope Children’s Home while providing travelers with an intimate and authentic experience in the heart of Mombasa, Kenya. Unlike typical tourist accommodations, we offer guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and explore hidden gems of Mombasa that they may not encounter on conventional tours. Additionally, we provide tours of our ongoing projects and introduce guests to the children of the home, welcoming each visitor as a valued member of our global family. Join us in building connections and creating unforgettable experiences!


African Shop

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Mbiira Restaurant

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What We Care For!

Helping Children

Providing essential support, shelter, education, and care to vulnerable children, ensuring they have the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

Empowering Talents & Artists

Nurturing the creative potential of individuals by providing mentorship, training, and platforms for expression, empowering them to showcase their talents and pursue their passions.

Women Empowerment

Offering microfinance, business skills, vocational training, and mentorship to vulnerable women, enabling them to establish sustainable livelihoods, provide for their families, and achieve economic independence.

Fostering Cultural Exchanges

Creating opportunities for cultural exchange and understanding between communities, fostering connections, appreciation, and mutual respect for diverse cultures and traditions.

Curating Authentic Experiences

Providing travelers with immersive and authentic experiences that go beyond conventional tourism, allowing them to explore local cultures, traditions, and hidden gems while fostering meaningful connections with local communities.

Connecting People

Building bridges between individuals, communities, and organizations, facilitating collaboration, networking, and collective action to create positive social impact and drive meaningful change.